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We believe that PHAs (Persons living with HIV/AIDS) have the right to full, active and healthy lives, free of discrimination.
We meet people where they are, without judgment, and we support people to make informed choices about their own lives.

Our Programs are Free and Confidential 

HARS is a safe, confidential, non-judgmental and inclusive space where people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS can get support and build a community. We help advocate for social services you are entitled to.

Our Support Services team is skilled in answering questions, providing support, and offering several programs and services to people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as to those affected by HIV/AIDS, including family, friends and loved ones.

Support Services

Support Coordinators provide the following confidential services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS and to those affected by HIV/AIDS:

  • Individual counseling (on issues of testing, sexuality, safer sex, living with HIV/AIDS, disclosure, and harm reduction)
  • Advocacy
  • Health Promotion
  • Information on treatments
  • Referrals to agencies/services
  • Practical services
  • Support groups
  • For people outside of Kingston, a Support Coordinator can also meet with you outside regular office hours and at locations in any of the communities we serve within our catchment area (Belleville to the west, Brockville to the east, and Sharbot Lake to the north).

Prison Support

We provide a range of support services to federal inmates living with HIV/AIDS at:

  • Joyceville Correctional Centre
  • Bath and Millhaven Institutions and attached Regional Treatment Centre (RTC) facilities
  • Pittsburgh Institution
  • Collins Bay Institution
  • Frontenac Institution
  • Quinte and Brockville Provincial Prisons

In addition to our support services, the Prison Support program may also assist with:

  • Pre-release planning
  • Housing applications
  • Disability pensions
  • General support for those infected, affected, or at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and HEP C.

If you’re interested in our programs and services or just have a question; please call, email or stop by the Kingston office (844a Princess Street) to make an appointment with our Support Services team.

Self-referrals are encouraged.

Calls, emails and all of our services are free and confidential.



Newly Diagnosed? We are here to help you.

When you first test positive for HIV or hepatitis C it is normal to feel afraid and confused. It is important to know neither diagnosis is a death sentence, and you are not alone in your journey.

Testing positive is not:

  • The end of the world
  • The end of your relationships
  • The end of you

Testing positive is:

  • A raw deal you’ll probably feel strongly about, even if you’re numb at first.
  • A challenge to you and the people in your life.
  • An opportunity to grow.

You have a future. You may not believe it right now, but HIV is not a death sentence. There have been significant advances care and treatment. People with HIV can now live long, productive lives.