Gay Men's Sexual Health Alliance - LogoM4M SEXUAL HEALTH (GMSH)

The M4M Sexual Health program works with all members of 2SLGBTQ+ community as well as community partners to promote gay men’s sexual health within the catchment of HARS.

Identifying issues in HIV prevention/MSM sexual health education.

Partnering with agencies, groups, clubs and businesses in order to promote the health of gay, bi, and other men who have sex with men (MSM).

Offering educational opportunities and networking events relevant to gay men’s sexual health.

Working to enhance the quality of services utilized by gay men in the region by addressing issues of homophobia and heterosexism.

Some of the ways we do this include:

M4M Online Outreach: Find us on Grindr, Scruff, Squirt and other networking apps.  You might not have a question now, but add us to your favorites and keep us nearby when something comes to mind!  We (staff and volunteers) offer confidential information on sexual health and coming out.

m4mtalk: A monthly discussion group for gay, bi, and men who have sex with men.  Check out our events calendar for upcoming discussions.

M.I. Talk:  A free, confidential, four week one-on-one counselling program in which you’ll have a chance to freely discuss sex, your sexual health, relationships and any other topics you feel are related to the way you live your sex life. Click here for more information.

Our Supporting a strong mind, body and community, the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH) of Ontario’s hub for all things related to M4M wellness.


Women & HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI) is a community-based response to HIV and AIDS among cis and trans women in Ontario that takes into account the structural and societal factors that increase women’s risk factors for HIV.
WHAI’s objective is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support women living with and/or affected by HIV and AIDS.

The goals of WHAI are to:

-Reduce HIV transmission among women.

-Enhance local community capacity to address HIV and AIDS.

-Build safe environments to support women and their HIV and AIDS-related needs.

The Women & HIV/AIDS (WHAI) program works with any and all relevant groups and organizations to build local community capacity to respond to women’s HIV/AIDS prevention needs, and to improve the quality of life for women living with or affected by HIV/AIDS throughout our catchment area, including:

-Acting as a liaison between HARS and local women’s organizations and providing consultation, education and presentations to women’s groups.

-Participating in local planning initiatives relating to women’s issues.

-Providing resources and tools to promote HIV/AIDS prevention.

The Sex Workers Action Group (SWAG) is a sex-positive group run by sex workers, women with lived experience, allies, and agency members who strive to improve the lives of sex workers in Kingston and the surrounding area.

For more information you can email Jackie Smith using our Contact Form or request to join our Facebook group.

The Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy (OAHAS) was implemented in 1995 and has consistently evolved since then to respond to the changing epidemic within the Aboriginal population.

The Strategy has embraced two fundamental principles since its inception.

The first being a recognition that OAHAS is a distinct strategy based on the distinct needs of Aboriginal people.  While issues and factors related to the disease may be similar to the mainstream population, Aboriginal differences must be respected.

The second principle is the principle of the Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA) that strives to “strengthen the capacity and coordination of networks of people living with HIV/AIDS and community-based organizations”.

To reach OAHAS, please visit