There are a variety of unique challenges and needs faced by people who use drugs. We strive to provide services to address these needs in a comprehensive, harm reduction based approach. Services are non-judgemental, stigma-free with a focus on reducing the harm from drug use. Services include: Education; Outreach and Harm Reduction Services; Safe injection/inhalation supplies and referrals to supportive services.

Our Needle Exchange program is a confidential, non-judgmental service that provides syringes, needle tips, bio-hazard bins and alcohol swabs free of charge.

We encourage people to drop off their used works. Condoms and lube are also available free of change for anyone.

Open during HARS regular office hours, and 23 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Integrated Care Hub.

This is a satellite program of Street Health Centre, located at 235 Wellington St. in Kingston. For more information, call 613-549-1440 E-mail: or visit

For UrWorx – Mobile Harm Reduction Outreach Service, click here.

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